Taster #2 – “Carnival and Play!”

For our second sequence we’re in the big city, where Londoners inspired by David Fleming’s work decided to create a Pop-up Village Green for their local community!

Fleming was anything but a conventional economist, and declared that when rethinking our economy we should “start with a party”! He believed that the pretensions of today’s large-scale, economic growth focused, frenetic consumer society have “descended like a frost on public joy”, and his work was all about restoring life, community, conversation, good food, music and joy to the everyday. For him, that had to be the essence of our future, or what was the point? (hear him discussing this here)

So what would happen if people were invited to a mini-carnival today – right in the middle of London’s Tooting Broadway? We were there to find out, and to hear from the organiser Lucy Neal, as the spectacle unfolded!

So that’s two sequences filmed for our documentary on the thought of David Fleming and the people and events that it is inspiring. Next up, two more fascinating people to meet: the philosopher Roger Scruton, and the writer and activist, Helena Norberg-Hodge.

Please do let us know what you think so far in the comments below. Your input will help to shape the forthcoming tasters, the final film, and the impact we hope it will have on our collective future.


8 Responses to “Taster #2 – “Carnival and Play!””

  1. Rob Hopkins Says:

    I love this. Such a great day, and beautifully captured here.

  2. Bud Beasley Says:

    stop the globalist crap ,,,we dont want to live as drones for one world government ,,,i will fight to keep my freedom

  3. Empathy Media Says:

    I love this intentional irony given that the piece is a celebration of localisation.

  4. Leigh Tatt Says:

    What about Guy Standing. His fighting for unconditional UBI for every man, woman & child. He has 30 years of research to back it up.

    I find this inspiring, how do you go about starting something like in a major city? I’m a Store Manager in Sydney Australia

  5. Jenny Teasdale Says:

    Thank you for shining a light on Tooting Twirl!

  6. An overview of the film, as it starts to take shape Says:

    […] may segue into Carnival and Play (taster here), exploring Fleming’s sense that while, yes, we are destroying the economic and ecological […]

  7. John Allerdice Says:

    Wonderful! Please keep me informed.

  8. Bianca Says:

    Yes! To break with the potential monotony of daily life, connect with other members of our community, and have fun… It elevates the spirit and contributes to our well being.

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