The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation? – film launch, and two other resources for these challenging times

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s launch of the film and post-panel with Kate Raworth, Caroline Lucas and Rob Hopkins! 
As promised, here are the links for the new online course and online dictionary:

‘Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time’
– an eight-week online course starting Apr 6th, 2020. Discuss our times with guest teachers including Helena Norberg-Hodge, Kate Raworth, Rob Hopkins and Vandana Shiva
– the new interactive, searchable version of the late David Fleming’s legendary ‘Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It’

And from today onwards, the film is now available to all for purchase on DVD or via online streaming services including Vimeo On Demand (above) and Amazon Prime (UK or US).
We are determined that none should be barred from discussing these extraordinary times by tight finances, so we hope you enjoyed the free stream of the film, discounts and scholarships for the course are available, and Chelsea Green Publishing have kindly authorised that is free-to-access for the next three months.

Note that our deliberations over moving the planned livestreamed physical launch at St. Ethelburga’s to this fully-online event are explained here.


Surviving the Future triple launch


David Fleming

Dr. David Fleming

Large-scale problems do not require large-scale solutions.
They require small-scale solutions within a large-scale framework.

David Fleming (1940-2010), inventor of TEQs

David Fleming-2

Dr. David Fleming

Large-scale problems do not require large-scale solutions.
They require small-scale solutions within a large-scale framework.

David Fleming (1940-2010), inventor of TEQs

Fantastic reception for early screenings, piece in The Guardian, Extinction Rebellion involvement etc

A screenshot from our latest newsletter

Including a Guardian article on a US city inspired by David Fleming’s legacy, the police breaking up early screenings of The Sequel, early reviews of the film ahead of the impending launch, and the latest developments around Fleming’s influential TEQs system.

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An official selection from the 2019 Global Peace Film Festival!

I’m delighted to report that the Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando, Florida have named The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation? as one of their official selections for 2019, celebrating it as “providing a deeply human way of looking at the root of our sustainability issues”.

It will screen there at 6pm on September 20th as part of a full day of programming to support the Children’s Strike for Climate (a cause close to my heart, having been out on the streets of London this week with the Extinction Rebellion). Both the director Peter Armstrong and I will participate via video-link, taking a Q&A after the screening.

We’re also busily putting together plans for the full launch in early 2020 (update – details here), though if you can’t wait that long to see it, there are a few ways to jump the queue (the first being tomorrow evening at the Seed Festival in Stroud!)

First chance to see!

David Fleming - The Sequel

The cogs are turning ahead of The Sequel‘s full public launch in early 2020 (update – details here), but for those who can’t wait, there are now a few ways to see it sooner!

    1. Come to a screening. Numerous institutions and local groups are holding preview screenings around the world. Check local listings, or join us at one of ours.
    2. Organise a screening! The Sequel is now available on a preview licence for educational institutions, grassroots groups ($79, on request) or home screenings.
    3. For those in the US, we’re delighted to announce that the new streaming platform – films that challenge the status quo – has chosen The Sequel as one of their launch features! US viewers can use special partnership promo code “OvidBF” to join Ovid and stream the film right now for just $5.25.

Or of course, you can wait for the full global DVD/streaming release and launch events.

Whichever way you watch the film, do let us know what you think, and whether it inspires you to a more satisfying path through these eventful times!

Our thanks, as ever, for the endless support and encouragement.


Early promotion and group screenings

Since signing up a few months back, our global distributors Bullfrog Films have been hard at work pulling together all the necessary materials for the initial launch, and we’re glad to announce that The Sequel is now available on exclusive preview release for educational institutions, grassroots groups or home screenings.

Note that since these early copies are intended for group screenings in classrooms, meetings, theatres etc, the prices are of course higher than they will be upon the full DVD/streaming release in 2019 early 2020.

For the trailer, full information and the first thrilling reviews, click through to the film’s dedicated page at Bullfrog.

The film is finished!

Emerging from a few months of frantic editorial work, we have two exciting pieces of news:

  1. yes, the film is finished!  We are absolutely delighted with the final, hour-long creation, and much look forward to hearing what you all think.
  2. …and it’s not just us who rates it 🙂 The ever-impressive Bullfrog Films have had a sneak preview and immediately signed up as our global distributor. Fantastic news!

UPDATE – the film is now available for purchase and rental by educational institutions and activist groups! Wider launch to follow in 2019 early 2020, details here..!

We are also exploring the possibility of taking on a separate distribution partner for the UK/Europe (contacts welcome!), but utterly thrilled to have such distinguished partners helping bring our work to a wider audience worldwide.

Without doubt this early success owes a huge debt to all of you, both for your input to the finished film and for the enthusiastic sharing that has led to over 4.5 million views for our tasters, like the one above. Thank you.

Taster #7 – “Responding to a No-growth Economy”

The final teaser from our forthcoming David Fleming documentary looks at the response of people to the harsh austerity conditions in Greece since 2010.

And in particular at the informal health care system they created based on ‘solidarity clinics’, where doctors and pharmacists in their hundreds volunteer their time and experience, recognising that healthcare had been priced out of reach for many.

Having filmed off and on in Greece for more than 50 years, it was particularly sad to be focusing this time on scenes of decay and desperation. But meeting the volunteers working together as ‘Solidarity for All’ was the opposite: an inspiring example of empathy in action, making a real difference.

It’s a perfect example of what David wrote about in Surviving the Future:


Picture Hunt

We’ve been given some excellent pictures of David in later life and now I’m searching for images of the younger David that will help in telling the story of his life. Lucy Barlow, David’s niece, kindly invited me over to look at the family archive, and shared this wonderful portrait of David grandfather. David Hay Fleming, who was a distinguished Scottish historian, antiquary and critic, living from 1849 to 1931.

Then Lucy came up with a picture of the house where David lived in his teens. It’s Kylsant House, in the Cotswolds, and is now a listed building. The family had preserved the picture on a biscuit tin…