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Video from the launch event, at the Houses of Parliament

Media coverage of report launch

Tradable Energy Quotas: A policy framework for peak oil and climate changeThe Oil Drum, 24 January

Driver Fury at Petrol Ration PlanDaily Express, 24 January

John Hemming MP interviewed on Simon Mayo’s “Drivetime” show (audio)BBC Radio 2, 24 January

Now they want to ration petrolDaily Mail, 24 January

Prepare for the return of rationingThe Sunday Times, 23 January

Energy rationing would give ‘common purpose’ in cutting carbon emissionsThe Ecologist, 19 January

MPs urged to ration fuel or miss carbon emissions targetsBusinessGreen, 19 January

Will smart energy future require rationing?Greenbang, 19 January

Parliamentary group advocates ‘energy rationing’Low Carbon Economy, 19 January

Brits Ponder Fuel RationingTime Magazine, 18 January

TEQ backers predict fuel and energy rationing by 2020 (also see poll on TEQs) –, 18 January

Quotas ‘would tackle fuel poverty’UK Press Association, 18 January

UK lawmakers call for energy rationing with personal fuel quotasClick Green, 18 January

UK could need fuel rationing before 2020, warns reportEnergy Efficiency News, 18 January

British lawmakers propose energy rationingFinancial Times, 18 January

Report calls for energy rationing within the decadeGreenWise Business, 18 January

TEQs: A policy framework for peak oil and climate changeEnergy Bulletin, 18 January

Fuel Rationing in U.K. Needed by 2020 to Cut CO2 Emissions, Lawmakers SayBloomberg News, 18 January

Shaun Chamberlin interviewed on “Wake Up To Money” show (audio)BBC Radio 5 Live, 18 January


The Peak Oil Crisis: Tradable Energy QuotasFalls Church News-Press – 26 January

Tradable Energy Quotas: A policy framework for peak oil and climate changeThe Oil Drum, 24 January

Tradable Energy Quotas launched in the House of CommonsTransition Culture, 24 January

Tradable Energy Quotas – real green shoots of recovery?Jon Barrett, 24 January

Petrol rationing loomsThe Economic Voice, 24 January

If Britain Starts Fuel Rationing, Could U.S. Be Next?Countercurrents, 22 January

Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit Of the kWh.plaid, 21 January

Could energy rationing be introduced in the UK?uSwitch, 21 January

Energy consumption charge proposals ‘unfair on low-income households’incahoot, 21 January

Tradeable Energy Quotas: Rational Action?SustainAbility, 20 January

Global warming: a threat akin to Nazism?Elizabeth Royte, 20 January

Carbon and the common good: values in green policyClimate Safety, 19 January

Can the UK lead the world in energy rationing?Dharma, 19 January

Could We See Fuel Rationing by 2020?TreeHugger, 19 January

With Fuel Rationing On The Way, Can IT Help?eWeek Europe, 19 January

TEQs: UK Gov’t Tradable Energy QuotasEcological Sociology, 18 January

Parliamentary report: Fuel rationing may be necessary by 2020Make Wealth History, 18 January

Fuel rationing “could be necessary before 2020” says report – and we need Green Party policy to solve the problemGreen Party, 18 January

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